Opening: Outreach Coordinator

Reports to: Choir Administrator and Board of Trustees


Responsibilities and Duties:

● Monitors google alerts for news about NJYC.

● Updates website, facebook page, twitter account and any other social media sites in a timely manner, based on items identified by Artistic Director, Board and Choir Administrator, as well as items identified by monitoring of google alerts.  (Information must be accurate, and up to date.)

● Creates and updates list of local press contacts, including online versions.

● Prepares and distributes press releases for items identified by Artistic Director, Board and Choir Administrator.

● Assists with the creation of forms and polls (using Google forms)

● Assists Choir Administrator with distribution of Annual Fund letters, marketing materials, and similar items (developed by Artistic Director, Board, Choir Administrator or volunteers).



●Not to exceed 80 hours per month



● Graphic design work

● Background in marketing or communications

● Experience with social media and google platform



● Must be able to work remotely.

● Must be available for select rehearsals, meetings and events.


Please submit resume to: [email protected]