The Choirs

NJYC's current program includes five ensembles and a class for elementary school students. Rehearsals are held on Mondays at the Chatham United Methodist Church, located at 460 Main Street, Chatham NJ. Descriptions of each ensemble, rehearsal times, and tuition rates for the current season are as follows* - please select the page for each choir you are interested in to learn more:

  • Coriste: Grades 9-12, Female Voices,  Monday 6:15-8:30pm (2016-17 Tuition $1,400) Coriste Page →
  • Camerata: Grades 7-12, Changing and Changed Male Voices, Monday 6:15-8:15pm (2016-17 Tuition $1,250) Camerata Page →
  • Sola Voce: Grades 6-8, Female Voices, Monday 4:15-6pm (2016-17 Tuition $1,200) Sola Voce Page →
  • Coro Vivo: Grades 4-8, Unchanged Male Voices, Monday 4:15-6pm (2016-17 Tuition $1,200) Coro Vivo Page →
  • Primo Coro: Grades 4-5, Female Voices, Monday 4:30-6pm (2016-17 Tuition $850) Primo Coro Page →
  • Primi Passi: Fall: Grade 3, Spring: Grade 2&3, 8 Week Program, Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm (Tuition Range: $160-175 per session.) Primi Passi Page →

In addition to practice sessions, the choirs perform at a wide range of venues throughout the year. Annual concerts are held during the winter holiday season and in the spring. The Chorus also performs with professional orchestras and choirs, for a variety of civic and corporate functions, for community clubs and other organizations, and in collaboration with other performance organizations. 

The organization's "Kids for Kids" mission includes opportunities to perform and assist children's organizations and charities.  Funds have been raised for a summer camp for children of September 11 victims, Hearts Across the Ocean, for children needing open heart surgery in India, the American Cancer Society, Bryan's Dream Foundation, for children with brain tumors, Autism Speaks, and many others.  Recent performances include:

  • Goryeb Children's Hospital
  • The Saving Grace Gala in NYC, benefiting the Preeclampsia Foundation and the Foundation for America's Blood Centers.  At the event, a new piece written by Jim Papoulis, was premiered
  • The Matthew Larson Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Gala in NYC
  • The Greg Wolf Fund, which targets leukemia and other blood cancers

"Please note that there may be a slight increase for the 2017-2018 season.  Partial scholarships may be available based on need.  Further information and confirmed tuition rates are provided once a child is accepted to the chorus.